Applications of Moments

Though the moments have a number of applications in the field of engineering science, the following are important from the subject point of view:

1. Position of the resultant force: It is also known as the analytical method for the resultant force. The position of a resultant force may be found out by moments as given below:

i. Forst of all, find out the magnitude and direction of the resultant force by the method of resolution.

ii. Now equate the moment of the resultant force with the algebraic sum of moments of the given system of forces about any point. This may also be found out by equating the sum of clockwise moments and that of the anticlockwise moments about the point, through which the resultant force will pass.

2. Levers: Lever is a rigid bar and is hinged at one point. It is free to rotate about the hinged end called the fulcrum.