Characteristics of Catalysts

Characteristics of a Catalysts:

1. A catalyst remains unchanged in mass and composition at the end of the reaction.

2. A very small amount of catalyst is only required.

3. The catalyst doesn’t alter the position of equilibrium in a reversible reaction.

4. Catalyst can’t start a reaction but can only influence its rate.

5. Catalysts are very specific in respect of reaction.

Industrial Application of Catalyst:

i. Synthesis of NH3 by Haber’s process-Iron dust with Mo as a promoter.

ii. Synthesis of HNO3 by Ostwald’s process-Pt-gauge or Platinum-Rhodium is the catalyst in the oxidation of NH3 to NO.

iii. Synthesis of H2SO4 by Contact process-Platinised asbestos is the catalyst in the oxidation of SO2 to SO3

iv. Synthesis of HCL from its elements-active charcoal is the catalyst.