Explain the Maintenance of Battery

Care and Maintenance of Battery:

1. The cell should not be kept discharged for a considerable period which causes sulphation of a cell.

2. The cells should not be used when voltage/cell falls below 1.8 volts.

3. The top of the plates should always be submerged at least 2.5 cm into the electrotype (Dilute H2SO4)

4. By adding distilled water only from time to time will compensate for the loss of water due to the evaporation of water.

5. The battery should be placed in a dry and cool atmosphere.

6. As per instructions given by the manufacturer of the battery, the charging and discharging cycle are to be done strictly.

7. All the time preparation of electrolytes the distilled water must not be poured into H2SO4.

8. The room for battery charging should always be ventilated, otherwise causing suffocation due to fumes.

9. While battery charging is done, the battery should be kept much away from flame and sparks.

10. For a long period, the battery should not remain in discharged condition. Under this condition, the battery should be kept in trickle charged trickle.