Lead Acid Battery Working Principle

Lead Acid Battery:

A lead-acid battery consists of two plates which are immersed in dilute H2SO4 which act as the electrolyte. The (+ve) plate is made from lead peroxide (PbO2) of dark brown chocolate colour and the (-ve) plate is of spongy lead of grey slate colour.

Working Principle of Lead Acid Battery:

In a lead-acid battery, the positive plate is lead peroxide (PbO2), and the negative plate is spongy lead (Pb) and the electrolyte is dilute H2SO4 acid. When the (+ve) plate of (PbO2)and (-ve) plate of spongy lead (Pb) are dipped into dilute H2SO4 acid and connected electrically to the external load circuit, then the current will flow to the load circuit. The ‘Pb’ acid cell works till the lead-per-oxide is exhausted and during this condition.