Role of Cryolite in the Extraction of Aluminium

Role of Cryolite:

The m.p of pure Al2O3 is 2050°C. Hence by adding crylotic and fluorspar, the m.p is lowered and the electrolysis is carried out at 950°C. Fluorspar lowers the viscosity of the medium while cryolite increases the electrical conductivity.

Uses of Aluminium:
1. Being light and having fair tensile strength, Al is used for making bodies of air-crafts, motor cars, and for making alloys.

2. Due to its good electrical conductivity. Al is used for making electrical transmission cables.

3. On account of its good thermal conductivity. Al is used in making cooking utensils.

4. Al foil is used as a wrapping material.

5. As a reducing agent for the metallurgy of metals like Cr, Mo, and Mn whose oxide can’t be reduced by C.