State Archimedes Principle and Its Application

Archimedes Principle:

When a body is totally or partly immersed in a liquid or gas at rest, it appears to lose a part of its weight. This apparent loss of weight is equal to the weight of the liquid or gas displaced by the body. This is Archimedes Principle.

It is to be noted, that Archimedes’ Principle is related to the weight of a body. So, this principle doesn’t apply to a body in a weightless condition. The weight of the body in an artificial satellite or a falling situation is zero. So in these cases, Archimedes’ Principle isn’t applicable.

Application of Archimedes Principle:

We can determine the following with the help of the Archimedes Principle:

1. The volume of a solid of any shape.

2. The density of a substance.

3. The number of constituent elements in a piece of alloy made of two elements.