Types of Lifting Machine

Lifting Machine:

Now, there are many types of lifting machines that are available in the market. But the basic principle, on which all those machines are based is the same. It will be interesting to know that engineers who have designed these machines have tried to increase the velocity ratio of their respective lifting machines.

A little consideration will show that if the efficiency of a machine remains almost the same, then an increase in the velan opacity ratio must increase its mechanical advantage. The increased mechanical advantage of a machine means the application of a smaller force to lift the same load or lift a heavier load with the application of the same force.

Types of Simple Lifting Machine:

The following lifting machines are important from the subject’s point of view are given below:

Simple wheel and axle:

Differential wheel and axle:

Weston’s Differential Pulley Block:

Geared Pulley Block:

Worm and Worm Wheel:

Worm Geard Pulley Block:

Single Purchase Crab Winch:

Double Purchase Crab Winch:


Simple Screw Jack:

Differential Screw Jack:

Worm Geared Screw Jack: