Types of USB Flash Drives

Flash Drives:

A flash drive is a device that can be used to save information on a tiny, flash memory-chip. Users can read and save data on it. These storage devices have been designed to be smaller than a typical storage disk with some being the size of a thumb. That is why some people know them as pen-drive, while others prefer to call them “thumb drives”. Whatever the name, they all share one important characteristics, they can be hooked up to any computer.

Different Types of USB Flash Drives:

1. Security Flash Drive: This is a normal USB storage device with a major twist in terms of the steps taken to protect your data. It is fortified with physical or logical security ways to ensure that the data is not compromised. An example is the flash drive from Cryptex, which has a combination lock before you can access the USB disk embedded within.

2. Music Flash Drive: This is a flash drive that can be used to save or transfer music from one device to another. They may vary by fancy designs and different flash drive types, such as this one from Trident. However, most of them are designed to be miniature in size and to enhance portability. The reason for this is because most people who want to carry their music files around in a flash drive want them to be easy to reach, while also be out of the way.

3. Boot Flash Drive: A boot flash drive is a normal USB memory stick that has been enabled to install an operating system. The process of dedicating an external storage device to serve this purpose is called creating bootable. Whenever you have a computer that won’t start because of a lost operating system, simply use a boot flash drive a fire up the computer. If you don’t have one currently get one for standby reasons.

4. Credit Card USB Flash Drive: As the name suggests, this is a USB flash drive that has been customized to look like a credit card. Some of these flash drives can even be further tailored to display the name of the owner and have a matching fake credit card number. People have different reasons for getting such a flash drive, but one thing is for sure, you will never forget it at home again, because you can fit it snugly into a wallet.

5. Key-chain USB Flash Drive: There is nothing fancy about this type of flash drive. Besides, the fact that it has been designed to be carried around like a typical key chain. However, this does not mean that it is overrated in any way. On the the contrary, this type of USB flash drive can come in handy for people who are forgetful and lose their flash drives frequently. Because they are beautifully designed, you can shop for an ornate one to avoid the common problem of looking old-fashioned and to add to your car keys.

6. Wristband Flash Drive: There is not much to say about this flash drive type because the name says it all. You should consider that it may not be waterproof!. Hence, you shouldn’t take it into the shower room. Other than that it looks “tres” posh!.