Working Principle of Energy Meter with Block Diagram

Energy Meter:

The energy meters are integrating type instruments which are used to measure the total amount of electrical energy wasted over a particular period and register it using a gearing arrangement with a dial and pointer mechanism or by indication by a digital system.

Working Principle of Energy Meter:

To display voltage measurement either AC or DC instead of pointer display discrete numerical in digital measurement. For the measurement of electrical energy, the current energy meters are of digital type. Both costing and portability of digital meters are multimeter can be used as an Ammeter.

The range of the ammeter can be extended by connecting a shunt (meagre resistance) in parallel with the ammeter so that the instrument is allowed to take a small fraction of the total current to be measured and the remaining portion of the current is passed through the shunt. The material which is used for making the shunt is manganin.