2 Way Switch Wiring Diagram

Two-way switch wiring:

The 2-way switch control wiring is the flow of current in two ways or two circuits. It is mainly used in staircase lighting and hall lighting or godown lighting, where the lamp point is required to be controlled from two places.

Conduit wiring is the best system of wiring in which VIR or PVC cables are drawn through mild steel conduit pipe or PVC pipe. Two types of conduit wiring are generally used. These are:

i. Surface Conduit Wiring: In Surface Conduit Wiring, the conduit pipe is run above the surface of the wall or ceiling fixed with saddles,

ii. Concealed Conduit: while in concealed conduit wiring the enamelled iron pipe or PVC pipe is buried under the wall or ceiling.

According to Indian Standard Specification (ISS), the insulation resistance should not be less than 50/No. of point in Mega. ohm, but the insulation resistance of the whole installation. However, it need not be more than 1 Mega. ohm.