House Wiring Materials Name List

House Wiring Materials Name:

1. For moderately cheap a nice appearance, sufficient log life and good mechanical strength we prefer teak wood batten wiring with PVC cable.

The main House Wiring Materials Name List are:
i. PVC cable single core
ii. Flexible PVC cable for fan connection
iii. Teak wood batten of different sizes.
iv. Teak wood bends and corners.
v. Teak wood round block
vi. Teak wood junction box
vii. Teak wood Switchboard
viii. Ceiling rose
ix. Tumbler or piano switch
x. 3-pin socket-outlet
xi. Galvanised iron wire for earthing
xii. Wood Srews

2. Presently PVC casing and capping are widely used as house wiring. This type of wiring is nice to look at, with minimum cost and easily inspection cab performed, but this type of wiring is not fireproof and damp proof. The material used for the installation of this type of wiring is:

i. PVC casing & caping of different dimensions
ii. PVC single core cable
iii. PVC corners and PVC bends
iv. For switchboard requires PVC boxes with cover
v. For junction box and fan point requires PVC boxes with a cover or smaller dimensions.
vi. Ceiling rose 5A
vii. Socket outlet 3 pin, 5A
viii. Tumbler or piano Switch
ix. Wood screws for fixing the PVC casing to the wall

3. Though it is very costly requires skilled labour, but long life, and is fire and moisture-proof, giving a nice appearance for domestic buildings public buildings conceal conduit or recessed conduit wiring is extensively used. The materials required for this wiring are given in a nutshell:

i. PVC conduit
ii. PVC single core cable
iii. Mild steel conduit box with entry providing
iv. Bush (rubber or ebonite)
v. Switchboard made of sheet metal with bakelite cover.
vi. Pipe hooks
vii. Wood screws
viii. Ceiling rose 5A, 3 plate
ix. Piano switch 5A
x. Socket outlet, 3 pin 5A
xi. Machine screw