Relation between CE and ECE

Relation between Chemical Equivalent and Electro-Chemical Equivalent:

Let W1 and W2 be the respective weights of two substances deposited from two different electrolytes by the passage of the same quantity (Q Couolmb) of electricity and their electrochemical equivalents are Z1 and Z2 and chemical equivalents are E1 and E2 respectively, then

from first law W1 / W2 = Z1 / Z2 …equ(1)

and from 2nd law W1 / W2 = E1 / E2 …equ(ii)

from equ(i) and (ii) we get, W1 / W2 = E1 / E2 = Z1 / Z2 or E1 / E2 = Z1 / Z2

or E ∝ Z i.e, the chemical equivalent (CE) of an element is proportional to the electrochemical equivalent (ECE) of the element.