Types of Lighting Schemes

The different types of lighting schemes may be classified as –

  • Direct Lighting Scheme
  • Semi-direct Lighting Scheme
  • Indirect Lighting Scheme
  • Semi-indirect Lighting Scheme
  • General Diffusing Lighting Scheme

Direct Lighting Scheme:

This type of lighting scheme is most commonly used. In this lighting scheme, the light from the lighting source falls directly on the working surface or on the object to be illuminated. Most of the light is directed to fall on the lower hemisphere with the help of reflectors and shades and also the brilliant source of light is kept out of direct vision. The direct lighting scheme is used for industrial, residential & commercial lighting purposes.

Semi-direct Lighting Scheme:

Semi-direct Lighting Schemes are commonly used in residential & commercial complex lighting where some portion of the light should fall on the ceiling of the room. In this lighting scheme, use incandescent lamps enclosed in the glassware & enclosing for fluorescent lamps. In the semidirect lighting scheme, about 65% to 90% of the total light is made to fall downwards of the room directly by using a suitable reflector. The remaining percentage of light is used to fall on the ceiling and walls of the room.

Indirect Lighting Scheme:

In the Indirect Lighting Scheme, the light doesn’t reach the surface directly from the lighting source but indirectly reach by diffuse reflection. This type of lighting scheme is free from glare and shadows. This type of lighting scheme is used for commercial aspects in schools, colleges, offices & stores. It is also used for decorative purposes in hotels, auditoriums & cinema halls.

Semi-indirect Lighting Scheme:

Semi-indirect Lighting Scheme are used in indoor light decoration purposes in auditoriums, offices & departmental stores, etc. In this lighting scheme, about 65% to 90% of total light energy is fallen upwards direction of the ceiling of the room and the remaining portion of the light energy falls on the working place by using suitable foil.

General Diffusing Lighting Scheme:

In the General Diffusing Lighting Scheme, the lamps are made of diffusing glass which will illuminate nearly the same in all directions. In this scheme, the lamps are normally suspended for the ceiling of the room. This type of lighting scheme is used normally for commercial aspects in offices & departmental stores.